How to Get More for Your Money

30 April 2021

Learn the four most important things you can do to make the most of your money.

All people want to shop for themselves. Be it food, clothing or buying a new car. We want to get better quality while paying less. In this article we will try to help you make the right choice. How exactly to find a balance between how to spend a little more for a product or when you need to look for something less expensive, but not inferior in quality.

At the grocery

We all spend quite a large amount of money on the purchase of products throughout the month. Try choosing store brand products. As a rule, they are cheaper than similar brands of food. But usually they contain exactly the same ingredients as national brands. Experiment with various cuts of meat. Of course, who does not like boneless fillet!? But it will be much cheaper to buy a piece of beef on the bone. And it will not be reflected in taste at all. A piece of chicken with skin often costs twice as much as chicken without skin. But this is the same chicken. At home, you will spend no more than 10 minutes on chicken processing, but save a few dollars

At the pharmacy

Always check with your healthcare provider about drug analogues. Usually, an analogue is several times cheaper. And the active substance in both will be the same. Almost half of the prescriptions written in the United States are generic drugs. You will significantly save on the purchase of such, especially if you suffer from a chronic disease.

At the car dealership

Buying a car is always a responsible decision and big expenses. Many still believe that buying a used car is a waste of money. But it is not always the case. Most likely your old car costs less than buying a new one. But appreciate the maintenance. After all, servicing a new car is much more expensive than servicing an old one. In addition, a used car may still be under factory warranty. And the cost of insurance for a used car is significantly lower.

New cars come with a factory warranty, which are different for different manufacturers. Before buying an extended warranty service package, carefully study the details. It often happens that an extended package is much more expensive than similar services.

Things (Maybe) Worth Paying More For


Bad and low-quality tools will not be able to do their job in the best way. And they will only cause you a lot of trouble, without having achieved the perfect result. Therefore, you should not save money on excellent tools that will last you a long time and the result will delight you day after day. You can purchase high-quality products in a company store, which will often offer you discounted products.

Your Neighborhood

Of great importance is where you live. You should not save money on buying new housing or renting a house if the area has wonderful parks, public gardens, nearby there are sports and playgrounds, shops and restaurants. After all, an excellent location will pay off at times, although the price tag at it is sometimes not small.


Between the brands of electronics of a well-known brand and a little-known, there is a big difference in price. Before buying electronics, be sure to read the reviews and the product, read the instructions and understand for yourself which product is more preferable for you.


Energy-efficient devices are usually more expensive, but by purchasing such a device you save energy, and therefore money for many years to come. Try to buy such a device on sale, thereby you will save both on purchase and on utility bills.

Only you decide how you spend your money. Whether to buy products of network brands, meat on the bone instead of fillets, whether to use generic drugs, whether to make purchases not in fashionable supermarkets, but in ordinary network retail outlets. But remember that following these tips you can save your money. Do not give up quality products. And most importantly - not always cheap means bad and vice versa!

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