Staying Fiscally Fit During the Holidays

25 April 2021

Here are a few tricks to help you stay financially healthy during the holidays.

Summer is a time full of holidays, entertainment, buying gifts, various trips that sometimes do not fit into your family budget. Often, we do not even plan many purchases and therefore fall into a financial trap. Since many unplanned expenses inflict a significant blow on our wallet. Therefore, in order for your New Year holidays to be joyful and carefree, you must practice financial self-discipline and make a shopping list now.

Make a Shopping List

The first thing you should do is make a shopping list for everyone you want to give a gift to. Once you have made a list, set a limit on purchases. Determine how much you can spend on one person. This will help you know exactly how much you can spend and do not be tempted to spend more. And most likely the people on your list will rejoice more at your attention and an inexpensive gift than overly expensive.

Review Your Past Holiday Spending

Another important point - find out how much you spent on holiday shopping last year. This amount includes gifts, and products for the festive table, and clothing for special occasions, and travel last year. Now is the time to turn to this list and analyze your spending a year earlier. Now compare and analyze how much you can spend this year. Next, evaluate whether this amount was excessive or within reasonable limits.

Avoid Deals and Offers That Will Make You Spend More

The promotions and various deals offered by the store are always very tempting. And this is a great way to save money. However, most often stocks in retail chains, on the contrary, are designed so that you spend more money than you planned. Therefore, if you did not plan to purchase any product, bypass the action, do not buy the attractive offer, which you will most likely regret. Stocks and deals should primarily help save money and should not force you to make rash purchases.

Shop Smart

During the holidays, store shelves beckon with their bright decor, beautiful decorations, alluring aroma, and attracting potential buyers, encouraging them to buy beautifully decorated gifts for the new year. At the entrance to the store, be strong in spirit and tune in to the purchases you just planned, although it is sometimes very difficult to do this. Be sure to go to the store with a pre-compiled list and stick to this list, so you will remain financially healthy on these holidays.

Use Cash Instead of Credit

The best way to avoid unnecessary spending is to use cash instead of a credit card. That is why you should pay for all holiday purchases in cash. Of course, the use of credit cards makes our life easier, and especially necessary, for example, if you want to make a return of goods. And of course, it is recommended that you use only one credit card so that you can easily track your spending. The basic rule is: you do not need to buy what you can not pay right away. Remember, using a credit card means that you borrow money from your future income.

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