Coinbase App Falls to 40th in Finance on Apple App Store

10 February 2024

The Coinbase app has fallen to 40th place in the finance category on the Apple App Store. Haseeb Qureshi of speculates on the factors contributing to this drop.

A prominent crypto executive has highlighted the significant decline in popularity of the Coinbase app on the Apple App Store. Haseeb Qureshi, managing partner of the crypto venture fund, has questioned why the app's performance differs so drastically from 2021. This comes amid the recent positive news that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Qureshi revealed that Coinbase now ranks 40th in the finance category on Apple’s App Store. He contrasted this with its status three years ago when it consistently held the top spot. "In 2021, it was continuously ranked #1 in Finance, and on several days, was #1 across the entire App Store," Qureshi noted. He believes that once retail investors return to their previous levels of activity, new all-time highs for cryptocurrencies will be achieved. This observation underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the influence of retail investor participation.

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Alex Turner from New York, 02/12/2024

It's surprising to see Coinbase fall so far in the rankings. What happened to all the hype?

Emily Watson from London, 02/12/2024

The decline in Coinbase's popularity could be a sign of changing investor sentiments.

David Kim from Seoul, 02/12/2024

Interesting to see such a drop. Maybe other apps are just outperforming Coinbase now.

Sarah Martinez from Los Angeles, 02/15/2024

I remember when Coinbase was the go-to app for crypto trading. Times have changed!

Michael Zhang from Sydney, 02/15/2024

This drop in ranking might reflect broader market trends. The crypto world is always shifting.

Emma Jones from Toronto, 02/16/2024

Coinbase needs to innovate and adapt if it wants to stay relevant in the crowded crypto space.

Carlos Rivera from Mexico City, 02/18/2024

The crypto market's volatility is mirrored in Coinbase's fluctuating App Store ranking.

Katya Petrova from Moscow, 02/22/2024

Retail investor activity seems crucial for apps like Coinbase. Let's see if they bounce back.

James Lee from Singapore, 02/24/2024

I wonder if the approval of Bitcoin ETFs will help Coinbase regain its top spot.

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