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Total number of cash points in Virginia, USA: 2285


How many banks have branches in Virginia, USA?

As of July 2024, we have information that 122 banks have 2,083 branches in 837 cities of this state.

How many crypto ATMs are there in this state?

According to the latest data, we have information on 58 crypto ATMs located in 837 cities of this state. A total of 1 brands are represented.

How many ATMs are located in Virginia, USA?

We currently have 144 ATM locations in 837 cities in Virginia.

What is the population of Virginia in 2024?

According to The Census Bureau's, 8,590,563 people live in the state of Virginia. In other words, there are 59,657 residents per ATM, 4,125 residents per bank branch, and 148,114 city residents per crypto ATM.

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